REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS: 2nd Half of June 2018

Here are the second half of June 2018 Real Estate Transfers for Fall River County. All addresses in South Dakota unless otherwise stated.

CD=contract for deed; WD=warranty deed; CO=court order; QCD=quit claim deed; SD=sheriff’s deed; PRDD=personal represent. deed of district; TTD=treasurer’s tax deed; OTJT=Order Terminating Joint Tenancy; AOTP=Affidavit and Order To Transfer Property; ATLE=Affidavit Terminating Life Estate; TDA=Transfer on Death Affidavit; SWD=Special Warranty Deed; TD=Trust Deed; P=Patent; ACD=Assignment of Contract for Deed; GD=Grant Deed; CDA=Contract for Deed Amendment; DLF=deed in lieu of foreclosure; FDD= Final Decree of Distribution; ED=Executor’s Deed; OTJTA= Order Terminating Joint Tenancy Amendment HD=Highway Deed.

Joseph F and Margaret E Bartolome, Belle Vista, Ariz to Jason D and Theresa A Rutz, Hot Springs; Lot 10 Block 3 Stewart Addn Hot Springs. WD

SD Lake LLC, Buffalo Gap to Daniel Alan Comer, Rapid City; W2SE4NE4NW4 Sec 8 TWP 9 RNG 6. WD

SD Lake LLC, Buffalo Gap to Robert C Fairey, Rapid City; W2NE4NE4NW4 Sec 9 TWP 9 RNG 6. WD

Florence I Beseke Estate/Roger A Beseke PR, El Cajon, Cali to Chery F Hunt, Roger A Beseke, Curtis A Beseke, El Cajon, Cali; Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Block 21 and All Vacated 4th Street between Blocks 21 & 55 Town of Oelrichs. PRDD

Kenneth C and Pamela S Smith, Wilmot to James Ray Garmany, Edgemont; Lot 5 Block 5 Campus Addn Edgemont. WD

Sharon Hausman, Hot Springs to Joshua S and Stacey L Lease, Hot Springs; E21’ of N75’ Lot 1 N75’ Lots 2, 3 & 4 Block 9 Fargo & Prentice Addn Hot Springs. WD

Jack D Cameron/Jessica D Camron Gonzalez Beas, Greely, Colo to Marshall G and Joyce R Stiver, Oral; That Pt of E2NW4NW4NW4 Lying South of County Road NE4SW4NW4NW4 N2SE4SW4NW4NW4 S2SW4SW4NW4 Sec 21 TWP 7 RNG 8. WD

Barbara Eitemiller,  Hot Springs to Barbara L and Todde O Eitemiller, Hot Springs; Tract Eitemiller in NW4NW4 Sec 15 TWP 8 RNG 6. QCD

John A McMahon Estate/Thomas McMahon PR, Hermosa to Dustin W and Sunnie D Reeves, Owanka; E2E2 Sec 33 All Sec 34 W2 NW4SE4 S2SE4 Sec 35 TWP 8 RNG 8 W2 Sec 1 All Sec 2 All That pt E2 NW4SW4 Lying North of County Road Sec 3 That PT N2 Lying North of County Road Sec 11 That PT N2NW4 SW4NW4 Lying North of County Road Sec 12 TWP 9 RNG 8. PRDD

John D and Audrey Wood, Edgemont to Brian Allen Held, Edgemont; Lot 6 Block 4 Valley View Estates in Sec 2 TWP 9 RNG 2. WD

Curt Johnson, Edgemont to Bernadine and Roger Dean Huber, Edgemont; S2 Lot 11 All Lot 12 Block 132 First Addn Edgemont. QCD

Quality Real Estate Inc, Oral to Cody A and Kate Schmidt, Rapid City; Lot 9A Clearwater Lake Estates in N2 Sec 16 TWP 8 RNG 6. WD

William D Hacker Estate/William A Hacker PR, Aberdeen to Frank R and Alisa D Birkholt, Hot Springs; Lots 1 2A & 3A Block 9 Trimmer Addn Hot Springs. PRDD

Benjamin P Martin, Edgemont to Jessica J and Michael P Mihok, Mahwah, Nj; Lot 11 Block 3 Campus Addn Edgemont. WD

David H and Laurette Claire Freeman,  Hardin, Mt to Thomas R Mossman, Hot Springs; Lot 3 Block 13 Minnekahta Addn Hot Springs. WD

Dixie Lee Whittaker, Custer to Koy and Terri A Kester, Custer; S90’ Lots 1 & 2 Block 9 Stewart’s Addn Edgemont. QCD

Steven L Knutson/Marianne J Knutson/Robert, Gillette, Wyo to Ricky J and Shelly L Johnson, Littleton, Colo; Lot 26 Cobblestone Mountain Estates Sub in SE4 Sec 2 TWP 7 RNG 5. WD

Wanderlust LLC, Hot Springs to Hot Springs Suites of the Black Hills Inc, Hot Springs; Lot 202AB in PT Outlot 202A of Lots 1-8 Block 21 Mammoth Springs Addn  Hot Springs. WD

William and Jill Blickensderfer, Rapid City to Jeffrey and Lanette Olson, Rapid City; Lot 13B1 & Lot 13B2 Angostura Highlands (formerly All of Lot 13B) in SW4 Sec 35 TWP 8 RNG 6.WD

Paul A Wittenberg and Kathleen Siebrasse-Wittenberg, Hot Springs to Mammoth Site of Hot Springs South Dakota Inc, Hot Springs; Tract C-1A in N2NW4 Sec 33 TWP 7 RNG 6 Less Lot H1. WD

Britni J and Jeremiah S Simunek, Hot Springs to Steven L and Carla M Simunek, Oral; Tract 9A Sub of Lot 9 Block 4 Hot Brook Estates Sub. QCD

Karl E and Deborah L Schmidt, Arvada, Colo to Timothy  A Mowery and Wing Wai Tong, Hattisburg, Miss; Lot 9 Amended Plat Cascade Springs Ranch Sub in S2SW4 Sec 21 TWP 8 RNG 5. WD

Arlest B Jr and Linda S Hall, Ottawa, Il to Durant B Bly, Hot Springs; S71 1/2’ Lots 11 & 12 Block 5 Grandview Place Addn Hot Springs. WD

Joseph Ferro Estate to Joan Ferro, Hot Springs; Lot H Sub of Lots 1A & 2A & Sub of Lot 3 of Fred B Hackett Tract in W2SW4 Sec 29 TWP 7 RNG 6 & W100’ of Lot 3A Sub of Lot 3 of Fred B Hackett Tract Sec 29 TWP 7 RNG 6. OTJT

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